Our Vision

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We believe in the permanence of Torat Yisrael, and are absolutely committed to Jewish Halacha.

Recent events have presented our Holy Torah to the Israeli public in an inappropriately narrow-minded, exclusionary light. We, who are engaged daily in teaching and studying the Torah, believe that this has misrepresented Judaism, and that only the authentic, enlightened, inclusive Judaism – whose ways are pleasant and peaceful – has a true message for Israel today.

In that spirit, we believe it imperative to include women in public leadership roles. It is therefore that we have resolved to establish an Orthodox Attentive Leadership forum to open its ranks to women. Talmidot chachamim, women scholars and spiritual leaders, will find in “Beit Hillel” a welcoming home alongside Community and Yeshiva Rabbis.

We view ourselves an inextricable part of Israeli society. Albeit, we have our criticisms of certain aspects of the Israeli public sphere, yet we voice such critique with love and identification. Our aim is to elevate Israeli society from within, and not from without. We look upon the modern world and its innovations appreciatively. New developments in human society and culture, science and technology, bear promises both good and bad. As such, we refuse to dismiss these developments, and choose instead to separate the good from the bad. In our opinion, a general education is crucial to the building of a believing, Jewish personality in our age.

We are committed to the State of Israel, and contend that Israel’s viability and prosperity are necessary for the Jewish People’s continued development. We stand fast against all attacks leveled at the Zionist cause from different quarters in Israeli society.

We are convinced that the ideas we express are acceptable to the majority of the religious community, which is a full partner in the State of Israel and Israeli society. We strive to give voice to the silent majority. Chazal taught that the school of Beit Hillel conducted itself modestly and respectful of its ideological opponents. So do we take upon ourselves to conduct an open, attuned dialogue with those with whom we don’t identify, while giving expression to our way in studying and spreading Torah.