Don’t Make People Work on Shabbat – The Day of Rest and Family Time

Children on Parents ShouldersThe decision of the Tel Aviv municipality to allow opening of businesses on Shabbat is very disappointing – not only because of the value of keeping the Shabbat but also because of the status of Shabbat as a social, national, and Jewish component of Israeli society.

This decision affects many families in which the provider will have to work on Shabbat at the expense of spending time with family. In most cases it is the neediest families, thereby taking advantage of their difficult economic situation in order to benefit consumers .

In addition, this decision seriously harms “Traditional” business owners who will have to now deal with unfair competition .

This decision reflects flawed values, moral distortion and lack of social justice. This decision represents a capitulation to money and materialism at the expense of family and home life.

Shabbat is not intended for business and commerce, but rather for the experience of spirit and culture, values, and meaning – an experience made possible through a day of rest.

We at Beit Hillel believe that we need to reconsider the status quo in Israel regarding Shabbat, in order to suit the needs of today’s society. However, the unilateral decision of the municipality are reprehensible.

We urge the public not to give in to this decision, and to avoid purchasing from stores over the course of Shabbat.

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