Survey of Religious Zionism – Comprehensive and First of its Kind

SurveyThis week, we are launching a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind survey examining the sociological and ideological composition of contemporary Religious Zionism. The survey will be administered by the Strativity Group from the U.S., whose clients include The New York Times, Mercedes, and Walmart.

The survey is being conducted online, in order to allow Jews all over the world to easily participate. We estimate that the survey – which can be completed in English as well as Hebrew – will involve tens of thousands of participants, both in Israel and the diaspora.

We believe that the results of this survey will help the Religious Zionist community accurately examine itself and will offer a clear glimpse into the reality on the ground by gauging people’s opinions on a wide range of issues on the communal agenda.

In order to maximize the value of its findings, we ask that you please take a few moments (about 20 minutes) to express your opinions and fill out this important survey at We also ask that you share this page with your colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, so that they too can make their voices heard.

The results will likely highlight distinctions between the different segments of the Religious Zionist population and the differences in attitudes toward the issues of women’s empowerment in the Religious Zionist community, young religious women’s enlistment in the IDF, the separation of religion and state, etc.

Opinions and Importance – Two Different Things

The survey is unique both in the scope of the issues and in the depth of the questions. The survey covers most of the acute issues and concerns in matters of religion, state and society. However, the survey questions focus on not only your opinions on these subjects, but also on the importance of them to you. You may have a topic about which you have very strong opinions, but yet it is not seen by you as as a central and critical religious value.

For example, on the rights of women in Judaism, you may support equality for women but do you may think that this issue is not important and does not deserve a lot of attention. So this question should get a high score for its correlation with your lifestyle, but should get a lower score for the importance that you attach to this value.

This survey expresses the essence of Beit Hillel. We consider attentive, responsive leadership to be a requirement for spiritual leaders, and it is in this spirit that we turn to the broader Religious Zionist community to learn about its perceptions and aspirations.

UPDATE: We have been receiving useful comments and feedback from readers. We address some of the issues raised with posts on our Facebook page:

This survey is important for all of us –
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