The Saga of Rav Moti Elon – A Lenient Sentence Doesn’t Change Anything

The lenient sentencing handed to Rav Moti Elon must not be allowed to obscure the severity of his misdeeds.

Hence, below, we reiterate the strongly-worded statement we issued in August, when he was convicted in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on two counts of indecent assault by force against a minor.

We are shocked and pained by the conviction of Rav Mordechai Elon, and call for personal and communal support for his victims.

In order to limit future sexual transgressions from taking place, we, the rabbanim and rabbaniyot of Beit Hillel, call for a change in the Dati Leumi communal culture that would make it more feasible to bring this grave issue to the forefront.

The Torah-observant community, which has been damaged by this tragic event, must work to make major improvements, including the adoption of guidelines and norms that would prevent future situations of sexual abuse.

It is completely inappropriate that someone convicted of a sexual transgression – regardless of the severity (or lack thereof) of the sentencing – be permitted to continue teaching Torah and providing religious and personal counseling.

Therefore, we call on community rabbis, roshei yeshiva, communal leaders, and the Torah-observant community at large, to neither support nor participate in Torah classes given by Rav Elon.

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