Giving Tuesday 2013

THIS WEEK – A unique opportunity to support Beit Hillel’s courageous halachic leadership in Israel!

This coming Tuesday, December 31, an historic event will be taking place: “Giving Tuesday Israel,” which is shaping up to be the single largest day of giving in the history of the State of Israel.

On Giving Tuesday Israel, your contribution of between NIS 50 and 100 to Beit Hillel will be matched shekel for shekel by “Giving Israel Tuesday”, meaning that your NIS 100 donation will mean NIS 200 for Beit Hillel!

Of course, if you want to make a contribution now, please free to do so, at

Your support is crucial to our efforts in increasing our impact on Israeli society in the coming year.

Beit Hillel in the News

Friends, in the closing days of 2013, we are seeking partners in our mission:

  • People who believe in the idea of Beit Hillel
  • People who feel that it is important to amplify the moderate, centrist voice of Judaism
  • People who want to give voice to the silent majority in Israel who love this country and the IDF
  • People who want to connect Judaism to Israelis, and connect Israelis to Judaism.

As you can see here every day, we are working tirelessly to promote issues at the center of the agenda in Israeli society:

  • The relationship between religion and state
  • The need for a more equitably-shared military burden and
  • loyalty to the IDF
  • Relations between the religious and non-religious populations
  • Fighting discrimination against women
  • Supporting the strengthening of the status of women in the religious world
  • Stopping the trend toward extremism in the educational system
  • Attempting to find halachic solutions to resolving the Agunah crisis
  • Relating to general culture and to academia
  • and much more…


It requires a serious investment of resources; thought and deliberation; and significant, practical action steps.

If the issues tackled by Beit Hillel are close to your heart, please consider helping us in our mission.

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