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Beit Hillel Shabbaton

Beit Hillel Los Angeles Shabbaton

Beit Hillel — Attentive Spiritual Leadership invites you to our first inaugural Shabbaton Contemporary Challenges facing Modern Orthodoxy in Israel and the Diaspora. The 4-day event, Contemporary Challenges facing Modern Orthodoxy in Israel and the Diaspora, will take place in Los Angeles, California, from May 8-11 (Parshat Emor). The Shabbaton is in cooperation with: and […]

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Rachel Tevet-Wiesel

Beit Hillel Conference on Meaningful Service for Women

Dozens of rabbis and rabbaniyot from Beit Hillel gathered last Thursday for a special seminar that dealt with the issue of meaningful and significant service for religious girls. The seminar, which took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was also attended by Brigadier General Rachel Tevet-Wiesel, the Women’s Affairs Advisor to the Chief of […]

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Survey of Religious Zionism – Comprehensive and First of its Kind

This week, we are launching a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind survey examining the sociological and ideological composition of contemporary Religious Zionism. The survey will be administered by the Strativity Group from the U.S., whose clients include The New York Times, Mercedes, and Walmart. The survey is being conducted online, in order to allow Jews all over the […]

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Rabbanit Michal Tikochinsky

Women Learning Talmud

Women’s Talmud study has long become a part of our lives, a “non-issue.” What began two decades ago in only small, select circles has become a widespread phenomenon in only half a generation. This development is multifaceted. There has been a boom in numbers – the quantity of women who are exposed today to basic […]

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The Saga of Rav Moti Elon – A Lenient Sentence Doesn’t Change Anything

The lenient sentencing handed to Rav Moti Elon must not be allowed to obscure the severity of his misdeeds. Hence, below, we reiterate the strongly-worded statement we issued in August, when he was convicted in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on two counts of indecent assault by force against a minor. We are shocked and pained […]

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Handcuffed Woman

Evaluating Solutions for Agunot and Get Refusal

The Beit Hillel conference on Agunot and Get Refusal took place on November 13, 2013 at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Scores of the organization’s rabbis and rabbaniyot participated in the conference in order to study the issues and to weigh various solutions to this problem that were presented at the conference. Senior rabbinic figures […]

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