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Meaningful Service for Women

Highlights of Beit Hillel Conference on Meaningful Service for Women

We previously reported on the Beit Hillel Conference on Meaningful Service for Women. The goal of the conference was to discuss the various options available for female Israeli high-school graduates to serve their country, either through national service or enlisting in the army. The pros, cons, and issues of each the options were also discussed […]

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Rachel Tevet-Wiesel

Beit Hillel Conference on Meaningful Service for Women

Dozens of rabbis and rabbaniyot from Beit Hillel gathered last Thursday for a special seminar that dealt with the issue of meaningful and significant service for religious girls. The seminar, which took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was also attended by Brigadier General Rachel Tevet-Wiesel, the Women’s Affairs Advisor to the Chief of […]

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Survey of Religious Zionism – Comprehensive and First of its Kind

This week, we are launching a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind survey examining the sociological and ideological composition of contemporary Religious Zionism. The survey will be administered by the Strativity Group from the U.S., whose clients include The New York Times, Mercedes, and Walmart. The survey is being conducted online, in order to allow Jews all over the […]

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English Publication Cover #3

Beit Hillel English Torah Journal #3 Available for Download

We are proud to announce that we have just published our third Beit Hillel English Torah Journal! The journal contains scholarly articles on halachic, hashkafic, and public policy issues, contributed by Beit Hillel members and the Bati Midrash. Included in this issue are the following articles: We are in the process of printing copies of […]

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Religious Female Soldiers Learning Midreshet Lindenbaum

Responding to the Call For Religious Women Not to Serve in the Army

The Jerusalem Post reported on the renewed call from the Chief Rabbinate and Rabbi Eliyahu against religious women serving in Israeli army. The article also quoted one dissenting voice – that of Beit Hillel: The war being waged by rabbis against the increasing number of religious girls enlisting simply reduces their relevance to the girls. […]

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Rabbanit Michal Tikochinsky

Women Learning Talmud

Women’s Talmud study has long become a part of our lives, a “non-issue.” What began two decades ago in only small, select circles has become a widespread phenomenon in only half a generation. This development is multifaceted. There has been a boom in numbers – the quantity of women who are exposed today to basic […]

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Beit Hillel Annual Shabbaton 2013

Beit Hillel Annual Shabbaton – 5774

More than 100 rabbanim, rabbaniyot, lay leaders and their spouses joined together at Netanya’s Blue Bay Hotel on December 27-28 (Parashat Va’era) for Beit Hillel’s annual Shabbaton. Lively debate and discussion took place on hot button issues such as “Civil Marriage in the State of Israel,” “Enlistment of Women in the IDF,” “The Prevalence of […]

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Beit Hillel 2013 Review Video

Beit Hillel – 2013 in Review Video

As we come to the end of the civil calendar year of 2013, we thought it would be a good idea to look back upon the year and review our activities and accomplishments. The purpose of this is not just to “pat ourselves on the back”, but rather to check ourselves – start with our […]

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Beit Hillel in the News

Giving Tuesday 2013

THIS WEEK – A unique opportunity to support Beit Hillel’s courageous halachic leadership in Israel! This coming Tuesday, December 31, an historic event will be taking place: “Giving Tuesday Israel,” which is shaping up to be the single largest day of giving in the history of the State of Israel. On Giving Tuesday Israel, your […]

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Shmittah Yisraelit

What is “Shmittah Yisraelit”?

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Israeli society’s exposure to the Shmittah year has generally been that of strife between rabbis and different religious philosophies. In contrast, the Shmittah Yisraelit initiative is an attempt to restore Shmittah to its intended place in society as an uplifting experience for all of the Jewish People. […]

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Public Council Conference 2013

The Beit Hillel Public Council

The inaugural conference of Beit Hillel’s Public Council took place on June 27th 2013 at the Wohl Center in Bar-Ilan University. It was a very successful and inspiring event with over 150 participants representing a broad spectrum of public and rabbinic leadership. The forum discussed ways to bring about social, religious and national change. The […]

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Maariv Newspaper: Beit Hillel is one of the 10 Most Influential Organizations in Israel

This past weekend , the major Israeli newspaper Maariv listed Beit Hillel in its annual list of the 100 most inspiring individuals and organizations in Israel. Beit Hillel was named one of the 10 organizations with the most impact in the realm of Judaism. Other leading figures and organizations selected to the exclusive Maariv list […]

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