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Al Hanisim For Yom Haatzmaut

Out of truthful and grateful contemplation, and commitment to halachah and our liturgical tradition, Beit Hillel has issued a 70-word long  Al Ha’nisim text that aspires to accurately and faithfully describe the great wonder of Israel’s Day of Independence, of the Jewish people’s revival and its State. Beit Hillel proposes that the public adopt this new Al Hanisim text –  in synagogues and at home. We recommend that it be […]

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elchai toharlev

Elchai Toharlev – Hashem Yikom Damo

With great sadness, we regret to inform you of the murder of Elchai Toharlev, Hashem Yikom Damo, the son of our board member Rav Ohad Toharlev, in today’s terrorist attack at the Ofra junction. We want to support Rav Ohad and the entire Toharlev family at this difficult time. We pray and hope that they […]

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Beit Hillel English Logo

Evening to Raise Awareness of Beit Hillel

Do you know what Beit Hillel is all about? Do your friends? Do you want to get more information? On Wednesday evening the 21st of Tamuz 5776 (July 27, 2016), Beit Hillel will hold an evening event in Raanana to help raise awareness and share information about what Beit Hillel does – and how it […]

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Young woman talking

The Meshivat Nefesh Project

What is the Meshivat Nefesh project? The Meshivat Nefesh project aims to provide women and girls with an attentive female ear and responder to tailor a response to their questions, a response they couldn’t always get in other ways. What prompted this idea? Women and girls of various ages feel the need to take counsel […]

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Handcuffed Woman

Ta’anit Esther: International Agunah Day 5776

A centuries-old problem is taking on vicious forms as our society itself changes. Put that together with the concept of “consciousness-raising” as a trend implemented in generally unknown matters. Hence the development of International Agunah Day. This week, on Ta’anit Esther (March 23, 2016) we mark International Agunah Day as we do yearly. There is […]

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Baseless Hate

Parshat Bechukotai: The Great Rebuke

The “style” of this week’s Torah portion — which marks the end of the Book of Leviticus — departs somewhat from the style of the other portions in this book and indeed from the style of the entire Torah. In place of the narrative or recitation of legal strictures to which we have become accustomed, […]

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Beit Hillel Shabbaton

Beit Hillel Los Angeles Shabbaton

Beit Hillel — Attentive Spiritual Leadership invites you to our first inaugural Shabbaton Contemporary Challenges facing Modern Orthodoxy in Israel and the Diaspora. The 4-day event, Contemporary Challenges facing Modern Orthodoxy in Israel and the Diaspora, will take place in Los Angeles, California, from May 8-11 (Parshat Emor). The Shabbaton is in cooperation with: and […]

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Boy Reading Torah

We Need to Offer Halachically Acceptable Bar Mitzvah Celebrations for Children With Mental Disabilities

The Beit Hillel rabbinic organization has initiated a public campaign within the religious communities to encourage bar mitzvah celebrations in synagogues across the country for children with mental disabilities and developmental issues. For years, Orthodox synagogues in Israel rarely offered disabled children the opportunity to enjoy a bar mitzvah celebration. Now, Beit Hillel wants to […]

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Leadership is about taking responsibility

Parshat Vayigash: Taking Responsibility – For Ourselves and For Others

Yehuda – Taking Responsibility This week’s parsha opens with the dramatic confrontation between two brothers, Yosef and Yehuda.  The standoff between Yosef and his brothers has reached its climax.  Yosef has manipulated events so as to ensure that his brothers, who had sold him into slavery so many years before, find themselves once again confronted […]

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Beit Hillel - Chanuka

The Law is in Accordance with Beit Hillel

This post originally appeared two years on The Times of Israel. As Chanukah approaches, it is well worth reading again … Rav Jeffrey Woolf on Beit Hillel – Then (re: Chanukah) and Today.This was written two years ago, but rings true just as… Posted by Beit Hillel – English on Saturday, December 13, 2014 Rav Jeffrey […]

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