Prayer at the Western Wall Plaza and Temple Mount

Kotel - Western Wall

The subject of prayer at the Western Wall Plaza and on the Temple Mount itself, is a very emotional, and often explosive, issue. Passions are always running hot whenever it is discussed.

Beit Hillel has published an official public statement on the Western Wall Plaza and Temple Mount. Here are the key elements of that statement:

  • We call for support for Minister Sharansky’s plan to establish three areas at The Wall plaza.
  • We call on the government of Israel to permit Jews to pray on the Temple Mount and to put a stop to humiliation of Jews at that holy place.
  • Our view is that the proposed solution for The Wall plaza is appropriate for a democratic Jewish state that is committed both to freedom of worship and to the traditions of Israel.
  • The government should likewise strive for a solution that allows Jews to pray on the Temple Mount plaza and ends the discrimination against Jews who are prevented from holding both private and communal prayers at the site holiest to the Jewish people.

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