Beit Hillel Public Council Conference

Public Council ConferenceThe second annual Beit Hillel Public Council Conference was held last week at the Poriyah hostel near Tiberias. The conference was attended by about 80 rabbis, rabbaniyot, businessmen, public figures and spiritual partners of Beit Hillel’s public council.

Throughout the day, in-depth discussions were held about the future directions of Beit Hillel in light of the needs of Israeli society.

There were lively round table discussions regarding the core issues addressed by Beit Hillel, including: culture and society, Diaspora Jewry, Shabbat in Israel, legislation on religion and state, the status of women in society, conversion, Agunot and Get refusal, religious – secular relationships, responding to developments in science and technology, clothing and modesty, the Jewish Renewal movement, and more.

In addition, the conference incorporated introductory activities and experiential tours to deepen the knowledge of the members of the council with the rabbis and rabbaniyot of Beit Hillel.

The conference is very significant since the decisions of the conference are the building blocks upon which the organization’s work program for the coming year is based.

The decisions made at last year’s conference and which were implemented over the course of this past year included: the Shabbat Israelit campaign, Piskei Halacha regarding women and military service, the issue of Agunot, conversion, the obligation to pay taxes, secular and religious relations, and the attitude towards the marriage covenant according to Jewish law.

public-council-conference-2014-2 Public Council Conference


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