Beit Hillel Annual Shabbaton – 5774

More than 100 rabbanim, rabbaniyot, lay leaders and their spouses joined together at Netanya’s Blue Bay Hotel on December 27-28 (Parashat Va’era) for Beit Hillel’s annual Shabbaton. Lively debate and discussion took place on hot button issues such as “Civil Marriage in the State of Israel,” “Enlistment of Women in the IDF,” “The Prevalence of Older Dati Singles,” “Ethical Perspectives on the Laws of Kashrut,” and the upcoming “Shmittah Yisraelit” program.

In addition to our esteemed rabbanim and rabbaniyot, we are honored to have been joined by Rav Yaakov Medan, head of Yeshivat Har Etzion, and Rav Avichai Rontzki, former IDF Chief Rabbi and head of Yeshivat Hesder Itamar, both of whom made significant contributions to the deliberations. Rav Rontzki wrote a remarkable post on his Facebook page regarding his transformative experience, noting, “I was surprised by the sharp contrast between the image of this group and the reality on the ground: these people are Torah scholars, and my dialogue with them was fascinating… It was a quintessential example of Torah scholars’ ‘togetherness,’: ‘When the righteous convene, it is good for them, and good for the world.’ “ (Sanhedrin 71b)

A Jerusalem Post opinion piece also spoke highly of the Beit Hillel Shabbaton: Israel Inspired: Is that really kosher?

Executive Director Rav Ronen Neuwirth leading a spirited musical Havdalah service.

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