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Al Hanisim For Yom Haatzmaut

Out of truthful and grateful contemplation, and commitment to halachah and our liturgical tradition, Beit Hillel has issued a 70-word long  Al Ha’nisim text that aspires to accurately and faithfully describe the great wonder of Israel’s Day of Independence, of the Jewish people’s revival and its State. Beit Hillel proposes that the public adopt this new Al Hanisim text –  in synagogues and at home. We recommend that it be […]

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elchai toharlev

Elchai Toharlev – Hashem Yikom Damo

With great sadness, we regret to inform you of the murder of Elchai Toharlev, Hashem Yikom Damo, the son of our board member Rav Ohad Toharlev, in today’s terrorist attack at the Ofra junction. We want to support Rav Ohad and the entire Toharlev family at this difficult time. We pray and hope that they […]

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Model of the Jerusalem temple

Divine Kingship and Sanctity

The most central theme of our Rosh Hashanah liturgy is divine Kingship. This is reflected in many of the piyyutim recited by many communities, as well as by significant changes in the language of the Amidah prayer: replacing the words ha-el ha-kadosh (the Holy God) of the third benediction with ha-melekh ha-kadosh (the Holy King), […]

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Evening to Raise Awareness of Beit Hillel

Do you know what Beit Hillel is all about? Do your friends? Do you want to get more information? On Wednesday evening the 21st of Tamuz 5776 (July 27, 2016), Beit Hillel will hold an evening event in Raanana to help raise awareness and share information about what Beit Hillel does – and how it […]

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Young woman talking

The Meshivat Nefesh Project

What is the Meshivat Nefesh project? The Meshivat Nefesh project aims to provide women and girls with an attentive female ear and responder to tailor a response to their questions, a response they couldn’t always get in other ways. What prompted this idea? Women and girls of various ages feel the need to take counsel […]

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Parshat Metzorah: Three Approaches to Nigei Batim

According to one opinion (Sanhedrin 71a), there never was a bayit hamenuga; the Torah wants us to expound upon this theoretical subject and receive a reward. These esoteric laws apparently include ideas that instruct and inspire irrespective of practical application. Indeed, darshanim have found much sermonic material in the biblical account of a blemished house. […]

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Red Heifer

Parshat Parah: Sometimes There Are No Answers

This week, in addition to reading the regular parsha, we will also read “Parshat Parah”, which lists the laws pertaining to the Red Heifer generally considered one of the most obtuse segments in the entire Torah. It is considered the quintessential “chok’, or law not given over to human comprehension, since it contains internal contradictions: […]

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Protected area written on a field sign

Parashat Tzav: The Mishkan and Incest

Parashat Tzav describes the path of anointing Aharon and his sons for their priestly duties in the Mishkan. Aharon and his sons are commanded to keep vigil at the entrance of the Mishkan for seven days: “ּפֶתַח אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד תֵּשְׁבוּ יוֹמָם וָלַיְלָה, שִׁבְעַת יָמִים, וּשְׁמַרְתֶּם אֶת-מִשְׁמֶרֶת יְהוָה, וְלֹא תָמוּתוּ: כִּי-כֵן, צֻוֵּיתִי.” Literally, the Kohanim are […]

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Handcuffed Woman

Ta’anit Esther: International Agunah Day 5776

A centuries-old problem is taking on vicious forms as our society itself changes. Put that together with the concept of “consciousness-raising” as a trend implemented in generally unknown matters. Hence the development of International Agunah Day. This week, on Ta’anit Esther (March 23, 2016) we mark International Agunah Day as we do yearly. There is […]

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