Al Hanisim For Yom Haatzmaut


Out of truthful and grateful contemplation, and commitment to halachah and our liturgical tradition, Beit Hillel has issued a 70-word long  Al Ha’nisim text that aspires to accurately and faithfully describe the great wonder of Israel’s Day of Independence, of the Jewish people’s revival and its State.

Beit Hillel proposes that the public adopt this new Al Hanisim text –  in synagogues and at home. We recommend that it be recited during tefilla, by individuals and congregations, as well as in during Birkat Hamazon of Yom Haatzmaut.

Thus we shall extend our sense of gratitude and praise of Hashem into joyful celebrations that take place all across Israel. Each person and each family may do so in accordance with their own ways and customs.

For the full text and further explanations:  Al Hanisim For Yom Haatzmaut

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